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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 23, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. first the headlines at this hour. diplomatic efforts to stop violence in the gaza strip are increasing. the u.s. and u.n. are urging israelis and palestinians to lay down their weapons. the remains of victims from the malaysia airlines crash will be flown to the netherlands where grieving relatives are waiting. and people are saying inside temporary housing units in a
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city hard hit by the 2011 disaster say their accommodations are hurting their health. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is telling israelis and palestinians to stop fighting and start talking. israeli military commanders have been going after the members of the islamist group hamas in gaza from the air and on the ground. more than 600 palestinians have been killed and at least 27 israelis. nhk world's craig dale is following developments for us. >> ban ki-moon is just one player in a high-level effort to get a ceasefire between israel rein hamas. israel launched its offensive in gaza more than two weeks ago to go after hamas fighters and its allies and stop them from launching rockets at their country. ban went to tel aviv to urge israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to urge maximum restraint. many palestinian civilians have died in the fighting. the secretary-general is calling on both sides to end their attacks and to deal with the root causes of the conflict.
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>> we must address these underlying issues, including the mutual recognition, occupation despair and denial of dignity. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is also saying that israel and hamas must look at their fundamental differences. he met in cairo with egyptian president, abdel fattah el-sisi. u.s. leaders support a ceasefire that builds on the one proposed last week by egyptian officials. now that agreement called for both sides to stop attacks immediately and then send representatives to cairo to negotiate a long-term truce. israel accepted it but hamas rejected it. hamas leaders are pushing for israel to ease its economic blockade of gaza. and release its imprisoned members. they kept firing rockets, some of them penetrated israel's aerial defense system. and one of them landed near ben gurion airport in tel aviv. that prompted some airlines in the u.s., canada, europe and one
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in asia to stop flying to israel either for the next 24 hours or for longer. they're being extra cautious following the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 in eastern ukraine. israeli leaders criticized the decision. they said it's like handing terror a prize. along with is trying to stop the rocket attacks, israel soldiers are going after tunnels hamas built to launch raids on israel. more than 100,000 gaza residents have fled their homes. >> translator: the destruction was like an earthquake. artillery shells were flying over my head. i can't remember how i picked up my child and fled. we ran for our lives. >> translator: the tension in gaza is extreme. there is no safe place. there is no specific target. they are firing indiscriminately. >> many of the evacuees are taking shelter in u.n.-run schools where they face poor sanitation and limited clean drinking water.
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the u.s. is offering $47 million in humanitarian assistance. but life likely won't get any better for palestinians in gaza any time soon. let's keep in mind, both sides are committed to their objectives here. hamas is opposed to israel's existence and one senior israeli official said a ceasefire is not near. >> nhk world's craig dale there. dutch authorities are preparing to take the lead in the investigation into the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. the plane was shot down last week over eastern ukraine. 298 people were killed. a majority were dutch. now officials in ukraine are sending the remains to the netherlands. the plane went down in an area where government forces have been fighting pro-russian activists. investigators have moved the bodies in a refrigerated train to the city of kharkiv. and ukraine's vice prime
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minister says later in the day 50 bodies will be flown out of the country. >> translator: we recommended that the netherlands lead the international investigation into the cause of the crash. >> ukrainian authorities have wrapped up their search at the site. they confirmed the deaths of everyone on board. they will continue to work with forensic experts from other countries until friday to check the rest of the remains. then the officials plan to send the bodies to the netherlands for autopsy and identification. british prime minister david cameron said investigators from his country have agreed to a dutch request to retrieve data from the flight recorders. british media are reporting that britain and france are the only countries in europe that have facilities that can replay cockpit voice recorders. and senior u.s. intelligence officials believe a buk surface-to-air missile was used to shoot down the aircraft.
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the officials say the most likely explains was that the plane was shot down by mistake. but they did not present clear evidence for russia's direct involvement. a suicide bomber has attacked a government compound in the afghan capital kabul. he killed four foreign security guards and wounded seven others. the taliban have claimed responsibility. police say the man rode in on a motor bike. he was dressed like one of the security guards. he entered the compound then detonated his explosives. the dead include guards from nepal and papua new guinea. international troops have been using the compound to train afghan police in the fight against the narcotics trade. the site is near kabul's airport. taliban fighters launched an assault there last week. militants staged a series of attacks during an impasse over the results of the presidential election. thailand's military leaders
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have taken a first step towards a return to democratic rule. they have announced an interim constitution that sets a target date for elections but they've included clauses to nur they keep a strong influence. military chief prayuth chan-ocha won endorsement for the charter from thailand's king. the document contains 48 articles stipulating how the country should be run until a parliamentary election and return to civilian rule late next year. it calls for a provisional assembly of lawmakers and it gives the military a big say on who the legislators will be. the interim government is due to start work in september. the new constitution restricts who can become a cabinet member or prime minister. it prohibits anyone who has been a member of a political party in the last three years. analysts speculate prayuth could take the role of interim prime minister. he is due to retire as the army chief at the end of september.
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cambodia will be getting badly needed electoral reforms after nearly a year in political deadlock. they have hammered out a deal. prime minister -- and cambodian national rescue party leader -- made the agreement during a five-hour meeting on tuesday. it includes making the election commission more independent and impartial. opposition leaders later announced they will soon end their boycott of parliament. national rescue party lawmakers have refused to attend session since a general election in july last year. they claimed the vote was rigged. opposition camps and their supporters have held a series of rallies. about 40 people were injured when they clashed with security forces last week in the capital of pham fen. several people who organized the demonstration were detained.
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consumers around the world want gadgets with the apple logo and most of them want the iphone. sales of iphones in emerging markets helped executives post their biggest gain in nearly two years. apple earned $7.7 billion during the last quarter. that's a 12% increase over the last year. sales rose 6% to more than $37 billion. consumers in china, india and other emerging economies scrambled to pick up iphones. sales jumped 13%. the ipad, however, seems to be losing some of its appeal. sales fell 9% as consumers turned to tablets from samsung electronics and other companies. but engineers at apple are already at work on their next gadgets. they are thinking beyond the smart watch in designing a wearable computer, and they could launch the iphone six in the next few months.
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u.s. drivers have seen the numbers at the gas pump tick by faster and faster. the spike in the cost of gas has pushed up prices for all kinds of products. labor department officials say in june the consumer price index increased 0.3%. they adjust the numbers to even out swings related to different seasons of the year. many americans head out on the road during summer. the increased demand and the fighting in the middle east drove up gas prices 3.3%. the added cost to transportation and other inputs pushed up prices across the board. in the 12 months through june the consumer price index increased 2.1%. policymakers at the federal reserve set an annual inflation target of 2%. economists say the higher prices may prompt the fed to start raising rates earlier than expected, possibly around the middle of next year. a u.s. judge has ordered argentine officials and their creditors to meet around the clock.
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they have to reach a deal by july 30th or argentina may default again. a federal judge in new york told negotiators to meet continuously until they agree to a settlement. argentina defaulted in 2001. argentine leaders have been locked in a dispute with investors ever since. they argue they cannot repay debts to american investment funds despite a court order. judge thomas griesa said that the default would hurt not only the investment funds but also what he called "real people." negotiators for both sides are expected to meet in new york starting later on wednesday. south koreans are seeing more and more tourists in their hotels, restaurants, and shops. many come from china but an increasing number of russians are visiting and they're not just coming to see the sights. nhk world's anna jung explains. >> reporter: this is a beauty salon in seoul.
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maria ivanova is visiting from yakutsk, russia. this is her first time in south korea. she's planning to stay for a full month, so she is having her hair cut short. after getting a new look, she goes on a shopping spree. south korean cosmetics are the first thing she wants to buy. then she heads to another store to try on some clothes. her shopping budget for her one-month stay is $3,000. >> translator: i got a stylish jacket that's just my size. i'm really happy with it. >> reporter: the number of russian visitors between january and may this year surpassed 87,000.
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that's almost 20% more than the same period last year. and since each visitor spends an average of $2,000, tourism and travel-related industries are eyeing a big boost in sales. south korea and russia signed an agreement lifting visa requirements for russian visitors beginning this january. that led to a sharp increase in holiday travellers. seoul is also working to promote medical tourism. this university hospital in seoul is a major destination for foreigners traveling for a treatment. 15,000 foreign patients come a year. russians account for over 90%. the hospital staff promotes medical tourism in russia's far eastern region. they emphasize the high
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standards of medical care and a quick process from making reservations through checking out. this woman came from vladivostok to get treatment for her joints. the hospital's medical interpreter helps her communicate with her doctor. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: the patient says she likes the hospital because it is easy to reach from her city. specialist treatment in moscow would mean an eight-hour flight. but seoul is only two hours away. the hospital has geared services to russian patients. they can watch russian programs on tv. and they can try a variety of
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foods suiting russian tastes. >> translator: the better service we provide to foreign patients, the more we can charge for treatment. this really helps to increase revenue. >> reporter: the government estimates that the number of foreigners visiting for medical treatment will approach one million by 2020. that will generate over $3.4 billion. as the number of russian visitors continues to rise, the tourism and medical industries are beginning to see the benefits. anna jung, nhk world, seoul. authorities in china are dealing with a new food scandal. they suspect workers at a meat processing company committed a
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series of health violations. the news is sending shock waves not only through china but here in japan as well. nhk world's -- has the story. >> reporter: executives at mcdonald's holdings japan on monday told their restaurants to temporarily take chicken mcnuggets off the menu. and officials at familymart halted sales of two of their products. the moves came after an explosive media report out of china. a tv reporter visited a food processing company called shanghai -- food and found workers using chicken meat that was past its expiration date. -- is a -- of a u.s. based food processor. last year, they supplied japan with 20% of the meat used in its
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chicken nuggets. that is about 4300 tons. officials have managed to secure a supply of chicken from other companies. they say nuggets should be back on the menu at all of the restaurants this week. >> translator: i'm worried about this. my boy eats them a lot. >> translator: i just want them to make sure the food is safe. >> reporter: the chinese tv report uncovered other alleged health violations. workers dropped food on the floor and instead of discarding it, just toss it back on the production line. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: workers used meat that was more than seven months past its expiration date.
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[ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: authorities at the shang headline food and drug administration have launched an investigation. they say that -- supplied products to nine local companies, including mcdonald's, kfc and 7-eleven. those companies have suspended sales of -- products. chinese consumers have been hit by a number of scandals involving tainted food in recent years. in 2008, baby formula contaminated with a toxic chemical killed six infants and sickened 300,000 others. that same year, 14 people fell ill after eating frozen dumplings made by a chinese food processor. a former employee admitted he had laced the dumplings with insecticide. this prompted authorities to
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enact china's first food safety law. earlier this year they found vegetables contaminated with harmful chemicals. the latest news has left managers of japan restaurants and food companies reeling. they are trying to determine whether they received food from -- food and touched by the scandal as well. nhk world. japanese government officials are look into easing the country's strict anti-gambling laws. prime minister shinzo abe wants to allow casino-based entertainment complexes. and now a panel of experts is studying how it might affect the country. officials from the economy and tourism ministries and the national police agency will study casinos around the world. they will examine the impact they have on public security.
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prime minister abe visited a casino in singapore in may. he says he wants to double the number of tourists coming to japan and he says casinos would help. some people living in temporary housing units in japan worry about the air they're breathing in. they've been staying there since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster and they're dealing with the spread of a fungus that is affecting their health. these are temporary housing units in miyagi prefecture. in this room part of the ceiling is covered with black mold. city officials decided to replace the place covered by mold in this location. mold has also been found in other temporary housing units. -- and his wife have been living here since their home was destroyed in the disaster.
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he has to take medicine every day to stop coughing. >> translator: pie wheeze gets stronger and stronger. >> reporter: the cause of his illness was found in his bedroom. mold has grown on the floor. experts who deal with this problem check the mold and confirmed it's pathogenic. it's capable of causing allergic symptoms. they say temporary housing is designed to be airtight. and they say that's why the units could have more dust and humidity than permanent houses. even though higuchi's unit is generating mold he has no choice but to stay here. >> translator: i have nowhere else to go. this is the only place i can live at the moment. >> reporter: doctors and other
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health officials visited temporary housing locations innish know mackie to investigator. they conducted medical examinations and found abnormalities in 32 of the 137 residents. >> translator: there is a possibility that residents are suffering allergic symptoms and pneumonia because of mold. even if they don't have any symptoms at this time, problems could develop later if they inhale the mold spores over a long period. >> reporter: there are around 6,000 families still living in temporary housing innish mackie city. they need regular medical examinations to make sure they stay healthy.
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people in taiwan and parts of china are dealing with stormy conditions. for the details of that and more here's mai shoji. >> extyphoon matmo has made land fall in taiwan overnight hours and may make another landfall over eastern china. it's on a weakening trend however. we have one report of one person killed and numerous landslides. you can see this tree closing roads. a lot of schools are closed and governmental buildings and businesses closed. the boats are take shelter and the residents are take shelter from stormy conditions. and this landslide in taiwan. it has done a lot of damage but is it now on its way to eastern china possibly making landfall wednesday evening packing gusts of 126 kilometers per hour.
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it has lost its speed. so it's going to be accumulating lots of rainfall as well. about 300 to 500 millimeters on top of the 500 millimeters in the past 24 hours could be falling over taiwan. and possibly about 250 to 300 anywhere along around -- province in the next 24 to 36 hours. and also still surging that moisture and dumping it as heavy buckets of water. this area is prone to flooding. we'll need to keep a very close eye on this. it's also surging that moisture and enhancing the southwestern monsoonal flow where 150 millimeters have fallen. no more rain is welcome there but more to come. and due to this front we're about to see 180 millimeters of rainfall. a lot of rainfall here in eastern continental asia and
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it's surging the heat from the southerly direction and making it for heat warnings in eastern china. some areas could see 38 degrees. but even beijing reaching up to 35 on your saturday and 36 in nanning on your thursday. nagoya on 35 tomorrow and 36 on your friday. so please watch out for heatstroke. here across the u.s. we have this system pulling into the great lakes region and that is sagging a long cold front. anywhere along it and under it, thunderstorms, large hail and gusts are likely. as the system pulls into the new england states on your wednesday we'll like lie li see the temperatures drop ten degrees. we're likely to see heavy rainfall across the western coast of washington but no precipitation in sight ore a wide area in the west.
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there's an elevated fire weather. las vegas hitting 42 degrees. that's another great recipe for fire weather. last but not least in central europe things are really messy yet again in similar locations which is going to be continuing on persisting into your wednesday. tornadic activity cannot be ruled out. here are your temperatures across the north, reaching to 36 in oslo. we don't really see these digits. it's well above the average range. this is norway. stockholm and all these areas. this is beach weather but don't stay under the sun too long. watch out for heatstroke. i'll leave you now for your extended forecast.
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that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo.
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thank you very much for joining us.
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this is norway. thank you very much for joini
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